Monday, July 2, 2012

A Day in the Life of a Tiny Nummy

Jocelynn says HI to everything, today she has said- hi mountains, hi mine purple toes, hi ceiling.

Jocelynn likes to ask what time it is. For no other reason other than to repeat what you said and to feel cool.

Jocelynn sings you her answer to things. " Jocey do you want to wear your new skirt?" J:" Yes yes yes wear my new skirt!" * while in song form*

Jocelynn whispers A LOT.

Jocelynn is trying to learn our special song. You Are My Sunshine. I only sing it to her when she goes to sleep, and it is really special because thats what I sang to my great grandma right before she died when I was about 3 or 4. I sang it on her hospital bed over and over and over again. Hence the special song which Jocey now knows parts of.

Jocelynn is not allowed to call us Andrew and Starrie ( because she is at that stage where she figured it out ), so Andrew taught her she could call him Panda and call me Slo. Now anytime Andrew or I call each other by our real names she gets upset and corrects us. J: " No mom its Panna." Because of course we need to get in trouble, its only fair because she did :) And when she forgets and call me Starrie or calls Andrew his name, all we have to do is say," Jocey... What did you say?" Then she smiles and calls us either Panna, Slo, Mommy or Daddy.

These are the 2 pictures she would take. It somehow describes her.


  1. I had SO much fun being with her this last week and watching her interact with Logan. They are so cute together, and I just couldn't get over how incredibly cute she is with all she can say. :) I miss her already! Please come out to visit us! I will help pay for gas. :)

  2. If Andrew gets the job that he wants I am sure that we could come visit you for a weekend:)

  3. I love reading the details about the cute things Jocey is doing. She has such a fun personality!