Friday, July 27, 2012

Carseat Canopy Tutorial

I took several tutorials that I saw on how to do these, I decided this was the easiest I could do it and the cheapest way as well. It is a thinner canopy which is another reason I decided to the tutorial.
1. Cut your fabric and make sure it is 40 inches long and 31inches wide.
I used cotton fabric, but you can use almost any kind you want.

2. With the right side or patterned side down iron back about 1/2 inch of the sides of your fabric . Do this on all sides of your fabric.

3. It should look like this at each corner after ironing.

4. With a single straight stitch, sew all the way around your ironed fabric the width of your sewing foot. Meaning make sure the outer edge of your fabric is lined with the foot of sewing machine.

5. Repeat step 2 and sew all the way around your fabric again. Only this time when you are sewing make sure your original sewing line is about in the middle of your sewing foot. *This step is crucial for a finished edge and to make sure your cover does not fall apart.

When you're done sewing around all the edges all the INSIDE corners should look similar to this.

All the OUTSIDE corners should look like this.

6. Buy at least 26 inches of ribbon for each tie, total 52 inches ( Basic knot). If you want to be able to tie in a bow buy at least 30 inches of ribbon for each side, total 60 inches. Pin the ribbon, right side facing down,  about 22 inches up from the bottom and 7 inches in from the sides. Make sure you pin in the middle of the ribbon with the ribbon vertical. Also make sure to cut the ends of your ribbon with a slant and then use fray check or some sort of clear glue on the edges to keep from fraying.

7. With a straight stitch sew a little rectangle where you have pinned the ribbon. I used 2 kinds of ribbon to make it look better, in that case you just center the smaller ribbon under the larger ribbon before you pin and sew.

TADA!!! Super easy cute car seat canopy.

This was just how I wanted mine to look, you can also add lace around the edges or do shorter or longer ribbon. You can definitely let your mind be creative!

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