Monday, January 2, 2012


Birthday GIRL! She wore the hat ALL day!

Cute picture of Jocey being a big 2 year old!

This post is a little late. But Jocelynn just turned 2! For her birthday we went to the Living Planet Aquarium with Sarah, Brooklynn, Bridgette and Jaxon. She absolutely LOVED petting the sting rays, in fact she was trying to take off her clothes and get in with them! Later that day we had some pizza, cake and ice cream. She was soo pooped out by the end of the day. She got Mrs. Potatoe Head - Nicia, baby gift set- Grandma and Grandpa Wixom, giant pillow pet- Grandma Bunker, pajama's and a drawing board- Great Grandma Bunker, bed, outfit - Mom and Dad, ZUZU pizza delivery shop- Uncle Jared and Aunt Becky and a $10 dollar bill. It was a fun fun day

Motor Skills: How to properly close the X-Box tray, how to work me and Andrew's entire phones, feed herself a complete meal with a spoon or fork, put her pants on, tickle mommy and daddy's back, buckle the top part of her carseat, she know's almost all household items so she can bring them to you, she knows how to wrap, feed and take care of her babies, she brushes her own hair and teeth, she tries to put her own bow's in etc.

Cognitive Skills: She can repeat and say ANYTHING you say to her, she has learned to mimic multiple words in a row back to you, she has learned to answer you back instead of just repeating you, example: Mom: I love you Jocey. Jocey: Love you too mom. She has learned to answer you with yes or no instead of just repeating the word you said if she wants it and saying no if she does not, she can identify people by names if we have taught it to her, she counts to 3, she knows the capital letters A B C O J if you write them down, she know the shapes star, heart, moon, flower, sun, and a stick person, she identifies what items belong to certain people example: My ring and Andrew's ring, the plate I have been eating off of and her plate etc., she understands completely when she is in trouble and also why, she has learned to say sorry without us having to tell her first.

Fun things Jocelynn loves: She love's to have 1 spray of my perfume on her before we leave, she love's to pretend put on deodorant, she loves to pick out her own outfits, she loves to wipe her own face, when we tried to take away her binkie it went a little something  like this, " Jocelynn Daddy does not think you should have a binkie anymore ok?" Jocelyn puts on an instant powty face and starts to whimper and cry, until we tell her she can have it when we get home. 

Fact: I asked my Orthodontist Dr. Graff if it really does hurt babies teeth to have a binkie, he laughed and said no it just needs to be taken away by the time they are 3 or 4 for school. But he did say that thumb suckers are really bad for teeth. Binkie's mold to the babies mouth and they even have orthodontic kinds, but thumbs do not mold to your mouth and instead make your teeth mold to your thumbs. He again laughed and said no keep those binkie's in if they are not to old and it really helps them. This makes me feel a lot better I just hope she is willing to give it up soon and not require it for naps and bed.

Anyways that is a little about our awesome little girl! Cant wait to see all the things she can do by this time next year!