Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Beginning To Potty Training... Win!

So the last few weeks Jocelynn has been asking all about potty training! But she has not been 100% mentally ready until now. Every night for the last month Jocey has personally prayed to Heavenly Father each time asking if he will please please please help her get potty trained. Last night before Jocey went to bed she told me this," Mommy I want to get potty trained so that I can have my Barbie movie, can we please use the piggy timer and get me potty trained?" Me: " Yes Jocey... we can try again (half brushing it off my shoulder)". So we had a go at it AGAIN today. Although she is not fully potty trained she is peeing on the toilet trained as long as we go to the toilet every 30-45 min. She cant wear real underwear until she has done this for 3 days in a row, so she is in Pull-Ups until then. But it is a awesome improvement and I AM ECSTATIC!

What we did:

  • Bought a piggy timer to set every 30-45 min for a reminder.
  • Stayed home ALL DAY.
  • Got some Dora the Explorer Pull-Up's. (Totally against them in the beginning but they ended up working nicely for Jocey) 
  • Let Jocey eat and drink whatever she wanted all day.
  • Called daddy after every-time she went pee.
  • We used basically all the concepts of potty training in a day.
Accidents = 2 (1 poop, 1 pee)
Going to the bathroom on the toilet = 9 (all pee)

I expect getting her to poop on the toilet is going to be a struggle, but this is such an improvement and she is so determined all of a sudden to get this done. I am one proud mama and Andrew is a proud daddy! I'll write another post when she is no longer in the transition stage.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Today Jocey, Vivi and I all went to the park for 2 hours with one of my bestest buds Sage and her son Thor. Then we came home and gardened. It was a great day. I am pleased. Very pleased.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Time, Sweet Sweet Time.

So in case you did not already know we de-activated our Facebook account for the time being.

Why? Well we were both sick of dumb people and tired of wasting time on that time sucker.
Who? Well Andrew is the one who suggested it, gave me a weeks notice and BAM it was gone.
When? "Well we are not re-activating it until the middle of June", says Andrew.
Thoughts? We thought we would be miserable or it would "feel weird" not being on Facebook social media, but we were brave and went through with the de-activation. We have LOVED it. We only accidentally went to the site out of habit once or twice. We deleted the  Facebook app off of our phones so that's not a problemo. And we really don't talk or think about it. Also, I (Starrie) am still on Instagram under @starriewhittle and I am also still doing the blog thing. 

In our new founded undistracted time we have been doing the following:

Learning to scoot

Reading books with daddy

Baking delicious chocolate chip cookies

Reading the "Ginny Book"  aka scriptures
(Ginny is what Jocey calls her great grandma Bunker)

Making Texas Sheet Cake from scratch

Having some sissy time

We have always done these things, but it's just nice to not have any distractions while doing them. I am really hoping to finish the high chair re-do that I have been planning/working on for a while.