Thursday, June 30, 2011

18 Months = 1 year and 1/2

Our baby is 18 Months! Shhh she still feels like a newborn in my mind. She is at this point in her life where she wants to always feel like she is contributing to her surroundings. Here are some things she has learned.

1. She knows certain peoples names " Didgy" (aunt Idgy), " Bump- pa" (Great Grandpa), " Mah-Ma" (Grandma), "Na-Na" ( Great Grandma).
2. She says " Ah throw away?"
3. She LOVES the word LIGHT.
4. She says " Thank you" after anything she receives ( Unless around too many people)
5. She says " Arrf Arrf " For dog and " Meow" For cat.
6. Oh and every little kids name is baby.
7. She is an AMAZING listener.
8. She ALWAYS wants to throw away her own diaper.
9. If we forget our wedding rings or anything that belongs to me or Andrew she notices and retrieves it immediately. ( And gives the rings and anything else to the correct person)
10. She will not eat anything but home cooked meals if I am anywhere to be seen.
11. She is very helpful with little babies. She pets them softly, tries to give them binkies when they are crying and kisses them as much as she can. Surprisingly I am never worried that she is going to hurt them, just that she may wake them up.
12. She also has to walk EVERYWHERE even if it means hiking up a mountain. No assistance for her.

We love our baby and I really hope that she knows it :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Looking forward.

So the last month for me has been all about looking forward and growing to become a better person for my family. And for me. Sometimes it is really difficult, but when you want to change your heart you stick with it no matter what. I have reflected back on myself and have decided what I am going to do to make me as happy and healthy as I can be.
1. I will do something (hiking, rock climbing, walking, swimming, going to the park etc. ) outside for 2-3 hours a week.
2. I will open all the windows in my house everyday ( sounds weird but people are happier with more sunlight in their houses )
3. I will willingly show 3 acts of kindness towards Andrew everyday ( we have been doing this the last month and it has really changed how we feel about each other )
4. I will not shy away from friends or family who want to do things.
5. I will not have negative comments towards something that was positive to begin with.

Cool! I have been doing these things for the last month and I am so much happier.


Hey guys sorry about the temporary leave! Andrew and I had some stuff to work out and now we are back! This month we have done an abundance of super cool things.
1. Rock climbing and repelling:) SOOOO much fun!
2. Hiked the "Y".... I dry heaved and almost died trying to do it. Do not eat meat sandwiches before hiking... CHECK!
3. Went to 7 Peaks and the SCERA pool! SO much fun now that Jocey is older.
4. Went to Discovery Park in Lindon.
5. Our little nephew Jackson Kade Ritter was born. End of May.... but still within a month.
6. Our adoptive nephew Thor Aurelius Clark was born. To Sage and Jd Clark.... Some of my bestest friends EVER!
7. And it was Andrew's 2nd Fathers Day :)

Sorry no pictures. But hey at least I made a post finally! Thanks Paige for helping me out again :)