Sunday, June 19, 2011


Hey guys sorry about the temporary leave! Andrew and I had some stuff to work out and now we are back! This month we have done an abundance of super cool things.
1. Rock climbing and repelling:) SOOOO much fun!
2. Hiked the "Y".... I dry heaved and almost died trying to do it. Do not eat meat sandwiches before hiking... CHECK!
3. Went to 7 Peaks and the SCERA pool! SO much fun now that Jocey is older.
4. Went to Discovery Park in Lindon.
5. Our little nephew Jackson Kade Ritter was born. End of May.... but still within a month.
6. Our adoptive nephew Thor Aurelius Clark was born. To Sage and Jd Clark.... Some of my bestest friends EVER!
7. And it was Andrew's 2nd Fathers Day :)

Sorry no pictures. But hey at least I made a post finally! Thanks Paige for helping me out again :)

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  1. Yay Aunt Starrie! We love you!