Saturday, March 17, 2012

Sick Sick Sick Sick.

I think I will try and do a post every month or two on my pregnancy. So far I have been SOOOOOOOOO nauseated and cannot seem to throw up unless I am willing to take 30 min out of my day to try and do so. With Jocelynn I was barfing all day and all night until I was almost 30 weeks. So to just feel like poop all day with really no relief is kinda freaking me out this time around. Another thing that is already different is I have gained 7 pounds already, which is odd to me because all I eat is Jello, sandwiches, juice and water. Something that is really cool is I can already feel the tiny bubble in my stomach. I still feel like me being pregnant is too good to be true! I cant wait to see this cute baby on an ultrasound in a few weeks! Here is what my baby looks like :)