Thursday, November 29, 2012

All about Jocey

Our sweet sweet sweet girl is turning 3 next month.... YES 3! Can you believe it? 
I cant.

Jocey's favorite things:
1. Cousins.
2. Playing pretend with everyone.
3. Watching any cartoons.
4. Playing with her baby sister.
5. Running up to her daddy when he comes home from work.
6. Skirts.

Jocey's personality:
The best way I can describe it is.... she is very goal driven and will work her hardest to get what she wants. We see this as a potential problem if not handled correctly, but she is just SO cute. Even if it means negotiating for what she wants because she knows crying will never work. Here is what our conversation was the other day. J: " Mommy I can have 1 more chocolate... Ok?" S: " No Joce I need all the chocolates for the treats we're making." J: " Ok, I can have 1 more chocolate and then I can have no more chocolate's." S: " *laughs* No Jocey I already said no and that's it, no means no." J: " Ok so I will have 2 chocolate's and then one, but then NO MORE."
Another coversation... S: " Jocey, it's time to go take a bath." J: " No MOM! That's rude. It makes me very mad." S: " *laughs and not expecting that response*"
This is basically how most of our conversations go.

She has also become very independent and always wants to help with EVERYTHING. Getting diapers for me, helping me clean, throwing things away, putting her clothes away etc.

Here is an adorable picture of Jocey and Andrew at the festival of tree's last night. Compliments of Anna and Bryan.