Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Jocey and Vivian

Jocey is going to be 5 in December. Where did the time go? She is our sweet soft spoken girl.

Jocelynn started school at the end of August. She goes 2 days a week and absolutely loves it. Her teacher is really good at always doing a craft and has a very interactive learning style. Jocey love's love's love's it. She can write several words from memory including her and her sisters names. Her handwriting is very good for her age. We always knew she was smart and it is really nice to see her progress and for her to have such a good outlet for her creativity.

Jocey is fun loving, crazy, one of the kindness people you will ever meet and very "wise beyond her years." We can have long conversations with her, snuggle her, play pretend or even just listen to her sweetly deal with her little sister. She is extremely friendly to all children and enjoys playing for hours with anyone, whether they are her age or not. If you're willing to play, she is happy. We are so blessed to have her as our oldest child.

Frozen, playing pretend, helping mom clean, COOKING AND BAKING, having her arm and back tickled, snuggling, drawing on white boards, putting on "make up", skirts and going to school.

Vivian will be 2 next month. She is our rambunctious, wild and crazy child.

Vivian loves her one on one time with mommy ( and sometimes daddy ) when sissy is at school. Vivian loves getting into everything and dumping all toys everywhere.  She is very hands on. 

Vivian screams a lot and uses very loud pitched voices. It's just her personality. She is a cheese ball, the funnier the smile the better. She loves to feel like she is being taken into consideration and heard. She talks quite a bit, but chooses not to when a lot of people are around because she knows sissy will talk for her. She is head strong and refuses to get punished for anything, unless you say no to her in a deep scary voice. She can be one of the craziest kids and also one of the sweetest. She is always up for kisses but not always snuggles. And she loves saying "I love you."

Frozen (even more so than Jocey), being sung to, rocking in a rocking chair, pizza, mexican food, any kind of soda, wrapping babies, kissing babies and CANDY!!!!!

Jocelynn and Vivian love each other so much, but can get on each others nerves very quickly. They like to pretend they are having babies together. If one of them gets one thing the other has to have something similar so they can be twins. All. The. Time. It's adorable. We love them so very much.