Friday, October 11, 2013

Girl Pascal

For Halloween Jocey is going to be Repunzel! So I thought, " Hey, I want Vivi to be Pascal!" However, I cannot find that costume ANYWHERE. So me, being me, decided to make it. I am super stoked about this costume!


Old footie pajama's that were my 11 month old's size
1 yard of Green Fleece
1/4 yard White Fleece (or just enough to make eye balls)
1/4 yard Pink Fleece ( or just enough to make a bow)
1 small sheet of Black Felt for the pupils
Flexible Wire to put in the tail
1/4 " Elastic for the hood
12 inch green zipper
Green thread
Small amount of Batting

You cant really get an almost 1 year old to not take a blurry picture!