Thursday, September 5, 2013


Today I was sitting around thinking of all the stuff that has happened this year and it has been packed with lots of things! Let me update you on the past few months.

Andrew: Has gone off all carbonation and caffeinated soda's. He has lost 6 pounds in a month from just doing that! GO ANDREW! Andrew had his 23rd birthday on the 28th of August. I decorated the house and made him breakfast, we also went to the temple and up to the canyon with a few of our friends. It was a pretty great day. He is also in DOA ( Dean of Admissions) training at work this week, which is a huge THUMBS UP! He is almost done with his 3rd quarter this year which means 5 more quarters left and 1 internship before he graduates! We are sooo excited!

Starrie: I am still recovering from surgery, mostly just sore. I can't really work out yet which is a bummer, but I lost 11 pounds! 3-5 of which was the derrmoid, the rest is most likely from my hormones getting back to normal. Other than that I clean and take care of the girls, basically 24/7.

Jocelynn: She is super independent and is becoming more and more helpful as the days go by. She has little chores/favors that she does for me which include, taking the trash upstairs, cleaning up her room, watching sissy (while I'm in the shower), watering and helping weed the/her garden and wiping the bathroom counter top. She also gets on her little stool and helps me cook/stir things. I am thinking of getting her the little kids kitchen helper set, so she can be more involved. She is super smart and knows a lot of church stuff, she has given a few talks and prayers in primary already. If you want to get her to love you, just talk about temples with her. She's got a whole spiel.

Vivian: Totally could walk if she wanted, but she gets too scared and does not trust herself. She is also really independent. Jocelynn taught her how to clean up the toys and Vivi totally does it all the time now! She also thinks that she can just crawl upstairs and play in their room for hours on end without being bothered. She can get bored pretty quickly, so she is starting to occupy herself. Her favorite things are the trash, bowl cupboard, being messy,getting behind the rocking chair and throwing shoes down the stairs. She is so stinking smiley, you can get a smile out of her any time of the day.

Face Mask

Making brownies

Playing in daddy's birthday balloons

Rice cereal is better to play in, then to eat. Sink bath!