Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Girl's Room

I am finally done with the girl's room. It took a long time considering I made or re-did most of the new additions. I re-painted an old mirror we had $2, made custom letters out of scrapbook paper and framed them $10 ( includes all scrap book paper and frames from Hobby Lobby ), spray painted the curtain rod black ( painted with the same paint as mirror), made both the toddler bed sheets and crib sheets $15, bumpers $71, bed skirt $10, flower ball and button ball $40. The curtains I got at Target for $20, the dresser is from Walmart for $180 and the crib from Target for $175. I already had the toddler bed and flower light, that you can get from IKEA.

Total with dresser and crib: $523 
Total without dresser and crib: $168

Not too shabby for most everything being custom. 

Mirror, dresser, flower lamp and framed scrapbook letters.

Crib, ruffle curtains, bumpers, flower and button ball.

Jocey's bed 
( I am going to hang a sister picture collage or giant sister picture right above her bed once Vivian gets here)

Their closet. Toys, toys, toys, toys, books, toys and more toys. I did not realize how many toys Jocey had until I tried fitting them all in her closet. I got the biggest pink bin I could find at Walmart for $5 and we already had the square shelving unit that we got from Target, which has 9 compartments.

I had a lot of fun re-doing Jocey's whole room to prepare for the new baby, and Jocey really likes it too! This was also what was making me feel not ready for the baby to come, now I feel prepared and it turned out better than I expected. All the organizing, washing clothes, sorting through toys and books, putting together a confusing dresser, hours of sewing and burning my hands with hot glue was all worth it. I am now done with major projects for a while and it feels really awesome!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Crib Bumper Tutorial

I got all the measurements from THIS website. You can get your bumper tie measurements and crib skirt measurements from there as well. She did give incorrect measurements for how much foam to buy and just gives pictures of how to do the bumper ties and crib skirt. I recommend making the ties and bed skirt from the pictures she made, they are pretty self explanatory. She does not explain how to put the whole bumper together. So here is me giving it my best shot. I tried explaining things the best I could without physically being with you. Good Luck!

The pieces shown were cut out with the fabric doubled. So I am not crazy you should end up with 8 pieces.

#1. I am a HUGE fan of serger's so if you have one I recommend serging all the edges of your cut out fabric pieces.

#2. Next you will be attaching 4 pieces of fabric together, two of your 27 1/2" x 13 3/4" ( short pieces ) and 2 of your  55"x 13 3/4 " ( long pieces). Take one of your short pieces of fabric and attach its 13 3/4 inch side to one of your long piece of fabric's 13 3/4 inch side with patterned sides pinned together. You will attach the pieces so that they are long, short, long, short as one continuous piece. Sew the width of your sewing foot or 1/2 inch into your fabric. When you're done sewing your first 4 pieces together put to the side and repeat with the remainder 4 pieces of fabric.

#3. Take your now two giant pieces of fabric and iron flat all the seams you just made.

When you're done they should now be 2 continuous pieces of  fabric like this. Set one of them aside.

#4. Now take 1 ( you will NOT be doing this to the other long piece of fabric ) of the long strips of fabric you sewed together and lay it out with patterned side facing up.  With the patterned side up pin your piping, with the bulgy part facing down , along the top edge of your fabric. If you are using a patterned fabric that has a right and wrong direction, be sure your pattern is the correct direction and you are pinning along the top edge of the pattern.  Pin piping all the way to the end of your fabric.

#5. You should have 7 ties for the top of your bumper and 7 for the bottom of your bumper. Making a total of 14 ties. You will fold your tie's in a V shape before pinning to the edges of your fabric. They should look like the picture above when done pinning. When pinning, there should be one tie on both the top and bottom about every 27 inches starting with the first edge and continuing to the last edge. So 2 on each of the ends, 2 at each of the seams and 2 extra ones in the middle of each of the long seams.

#6. Once everything is pinned, with a zipper foot sew as close up to the bulged edge of piping as possible all the way down your fabric. This will also secure your top bumper ties. Then individually sew bottom ties.

This is what the top with piping and bumper ties should look like when you're done.

Your bottom ones should be directly underneath your top ones only sewn with no piping.

 This is where you add the zipper. It is kind of confusing, but bare with me! If you choose not to do a zipper just skip to step #13 and make sure to leave one end of your fabric open so you can put your foam in. You can also look at the picture at step #13 before doing the zipper to hopefully help you understand better.

#7. Take your pieces of fabric (one with bumper ties and piping sewn to it and the other one we set aside at step #3)  and with patterned sides together (making sure your pattern is the correct direction) match up 2 of your short sides( two 13 3/4 inch sides) and sew the width of your sewing foot up 1 inch from the edge of your fabric. It should look like you are adding to the continuous strip of fabric to make one giant strip.


#8. Then fold back about 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch of the fabric and iron back

#9.  Pin your zipper upside down on ironed seams.

#10. Flip fabric over when you're done pinning and it should look like this. Make sure the teeth on your zipper are not underneath any fabric. And everything is securely pinned.

#11 Put a pin at the end of the zipper where the sewn fabric starts. This way you know where to turn your fabric and sew back up the zipper.

#12. With a zipper foot sew as close to the edge of your fabric as you can.  Starting at the top of one side of your zipper, turning at the bottom to continue up the other side.

When you are done sewing around your zipper flip everything over and this is what it should look like. This also shows the inside bottom of the zipper.

Now all your fabric should be one super long piece that is connected by your zipper. If you do not understand, I recommend hand sewing the open end instead of putting your zipper in once your foam is in your finished bumper.

#13. After you have folded back your fabric at the zipper so patterned sides are together, make sure ALL seams match up and pin all of your fabric together. Also make sure all your bumper ties are inside with the patterned side of your fabric. *If you chose not to do a zipper, just lay fabric patterned sides together and match up all of your seams before pinning.

#14. On the top of one side of your fabric you should see the sewing line from adding your piping. So with a zipper foot sew on top of that line or as close as you can to it. * Do not go over the line otherwise you will not see your piping when you flip everything right side out. 
Then sew shut the rest of your open sides about a half inch in, unzip your zipper and flip right side out! If you did not add a zipper sew both long sides and one short side. With one end open flip everything right side out.

#15. Stuff your bumper with your foam, then zip closed or hand sew bumpers shut. I used 2 inch foam from Joann's and had them cut 2 long pieces that measure 50 1/2" x 12", and 2 short pieces that measure 23" x 12". I recommend buying the foam when you can get your hands on a 50% off coupon because otherwise it is $30 a yard. 


Monday, August 13, 2012

The Zoo

So we went to the Zoo a week or two ago. IT WAS SO HOT. We chose to go on a day where it was 96 degrees outside. No bueno. We all had sweat spots and red faces, but it was worth it and Jocey liked it too. It was her first time going and all in all it was good!
Jocelynn LOVED the zoo stroller

Cute baby elephant taking a bath

They had an awesome eagle's nest and of course I had to take an awesome picture in it.

Polar bear bum

Riding on the Carousel 

Getting back to my roots, tiny sloth

Friday, August 10, 2012

Blessing dress

Check and Check! I have completed Vivian's blessing dress. It was SO easy doing this the 2nd time around.  The pattern is pretty easy but of course I did modify it to what I wanted. The pattern has sizes XXS to LG for babies, and it will tell you how much to buy of everything depending on what size you make. I am posting a collage kind of summarizing what I did. I also posted some pictures of Jocelynn's dress that I made 2 years ago to kind of give you a different style of the same dress pattern.

You hand sew the bow and button on

After you machine sew the velcro you then hand sew the buttons on the back.

I made Vivian's dress before she was born because the thought of all the holidays coming up + having a brand new baby and 2 year old = a mama who needs to take a break from projects for the first month. You can have a lot of fun with this dress and it seems to make it extra special when you're able to make it the exact way you want it.