Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Girl's Room

I am finally done with the girl's room. It took a long time considering I made or re-did most of the new additions. I re-painted an old mirror we had $2, made custom letters out of scrapbook paper and framed them $10 ( includes all scrap book paper and frames from Hobby Lobby ), spray painted the curtain rod black ( painted with the same paint as mirror), made both the toddler bed sheets and crib sheets $15, bumpers $71, bed skirt $10, flower ball and button ball $40. The curtains I got at Target for $20, the dresser is from Walmart for $180 and the crib from Target for $175. I already had the toddler bed and flower light, that you can get from IKEA.

Total with dresser and crib: $523 
Total without dresser and crib: $168

Not too shabby for most everything being custom. 

Mirror, dresser, flower lamp and framed scrapbook letters.

Crib, ruffle curtains, bumpers, flower and button ball.

Jocey's bed 
( I am going to hang a sister picture collage or giant sister picture right above her bed once Vivian gets here)

Their closet. Toys, toys, toys, toys, books, toys and more toys. I did not realize how many toys Jocey had until I tried fitting them all in her closet. I got the biggest pink bin I could find at Walmart for $5 and we already had the square shelving unit that we got from Target, which has 9 compartments.

I had a lot of fun re-doing Jocey's whole room to prepare for the new baby, and Jocey really likes it too! This was also what was making me feel not ready for the baby to come, now I feel prepared and it turned out better than I expected. All the organizing, washing clothes, sorting through toys and books, putting together a confusing dresser, hours of sewing and burning my hands with hot glue was all worth it. I am now done with major projects for a while and it feels really awesome!


  1. Loved seeing the pictures of everything finished - you are so talented!! Has to feel SO good to have it all done.

    1. Kathy you need to come in REAL life and see it!

  2. Starrie- you are amazing!! I love seeing the projects you do. I really admire you! Why are we not better friends?

    1. Thank you Sheraya! You're too nice! And probably cause you live far away:( But if I lived in Cedar City we would definitely have to do something!

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