Thursday, June 30, 2011

18 Months = 1 year and 1/2

Our baby is 18 Months! Shhh she still feels like a newborn in my mind. She is at this point in her life where she wants to always feel like she is contributing to her surroundings. Here are some things she has learned.

1. She knows certain peoples names " Didgy" (aunt Idgy), " Bump- pa" (Great Grandpa), " Mah-Ma" (Grandma), "Na-Na" ( Great Grandma).
2. She says " Ah throw away?"
3. She LOVES the word LIGHT.
4. She says " Thank you" after anything she receives ( Unless around too many people)
5. She says " Arrf Arrf " For dog and " Meow" For cat.
6. Oh and every little kids name is baby.
7. She is an AMAZING listener.
8. She ALWAYS wants to throw away her own diaper.
9. If we forget our wedding rings or anything that belongs to me or Andrew she notices and retrieves it immediately. ( And gives the rings and anything else to the correct person)
10. She will not eat anything but home cooked meals if I am anywhere to be seen.
11. She is very helpful with little babies. She pets them softly, tries to give them binkies when they are crying and kisses them as much as she can. Surprisingly I am never worried that she is going to hurt them, just that she may wake them up.
12. She also has to walk EVERYWHERE even if it means hiking up a mountain. No assistance for her.

We love our baby and I really hope that she knows it :)

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  1. Oh my goodness, we just love that little girl SO much! She is such a smarty pants and it's so fun watching her grow up. :)