Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Lets see here..... well right at this very moment Jocelynn is throwing a fit.

Things that are annoying:
1. Random pointless fits ( Hey! Like RIGHT NOW)
2. Fake crying

Things that Jocelynn thinks are helpful:
1. Trying to brush my hair.
2. Taking Q- Tips and trying to stick them in my ear.

Things that Jocelynn does that are actually helpful:
1. Picking up her toys.
2. Throwing trash away.

Sentences Jocelynn says:
1. " Stinky Baby"
2. " I poop?"
3. " Mama Na Night!"
4. " Ah brush my teef"
5. " Ah VVVV" ( v noise means food)
6. " Uh thats mine"
7. " No No No" (Worst one ever )
8. " All Done!" ( Throws her hands up in the air )
9. " Ok Bah bye"

Everything else is pretty much Jibberish.

other things:
1. Jocelynn runs around like crazy.
2. And Jocelynn can say almost every word if you ask her to say it.

We love her and she is AWESOME!

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