Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Here's the thing...

Andrew and I are starting a healthier life process. We have decided to be better about portioning our meals and all that jazz. We really could never stick to dieting, so we are just slightly adjusting things. Last year we decided we were spending way too much money on take out so we have been cooking in 4-5 days a week  (no fast food ever unless we are on a trip or its a special occasion) only eating out on Friday's and Saturday's.  I also stopped drinking any soda on the weekdays and have been doing that for 4 months now, Andrew is just starting on this one. Although this has saved us a ton of money, and I mean shload, we have decided it is now time to start cutting down on portions during our at home eating.

We went to the store and bought fresh broccoli, summer squash, lettuce, grapes, apples, potatoes and whole bunch of fresh stuff. I cut the broccoli and summer squash up, blanched and portioned them into freezer bags. We also buy fresh meat, pound it all out, portion it and freeze it so we are not over eating. Another HUGE weakness we have is bread.... So I am only making enough for 4 people or just 1 roll each. Also, NO BAKING DURING THE WEEK DAYS.

     || We  are  making  sure  we  exercise  at  least  3  days  a  week ||

These are all things we can do and are not over bearing to accomplish. Little changes here and there really do make a difference in our pockets and how we feel as a family. But lets be honest Friday's and Saturday's are still fair game to whatever Like I said, we don't diet. 

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  1. Bravo! Those are giant leaps, not baby steps - so keep up the great work! The things I'm glad I adopted long ago are drinking a ton of water, and making water the default at restaurants, making soda pop a very rare indulgence (I only drink it when traveling for the caffeine), cutting back on processed foods, buying more fruits and vegetables than I think I'll need and then making a point of eating what I buy, and getting 8 hours of sleep.