Thursday, July 24, 2014

Busy Hands

I made the girls Elsa and Anna dresses for dress up and for Halloween. I seriously cannot be more proud of how these turned out! I ALMOST made a tutorial for the two dresses, but I like to make things up as I go and It was time consuming enough, that by the end of these projects I was thinking I just want to enjoy what I made uniquely for my girls.

Finding the right materials was honestly the most annoying part, and then the right colors. After that I literally took whatever shirts the girls fit into right now and used that as a "base pattern" for all my ideas. That's how I could make the costumes fit them so perfectly.

Its funny to talk with people, and for everyone to ask, how I do this stuff without a pattern? My answer is always that my brain simply cannot handle a pattern. It is SO confusing to me and all the times I have used one I usually find a quicker easier way to do it, without sitting there the whole first day carefully cutting out my pieces (holy crap that takes forever to me). I kind of want to start something where I make the most simple patterns ever that have practically no explaining on how to put the project together. I think that would be super cool. I do mess up occasionally the first time around, because I rush or I do not think through all my ideas. Which is good because then I log away in brain what doesn't and what does look good/right/good enough.

I really appreciate all the nice things people have said to me about my sewing either on here or through other social networks. It makes me want to open up a shop one day (If I can ever find out what I like to sew all the time!)

Anyways here are their dresses and the comparisons to the actual dresses on Frozen:

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  1. I love that you love to sew!
    The dresses are so dang neat!