Wednesday, April 23, 2014

twenty fourteen

2014 Thus far has been a pretty good year other than a few hiccups along the way. We have had quite a few changes around here in this family (mostly growing up changes with the kiddies) . We have been doing our best to be better parents and better people in general. On a side note ALL my "projects" pictures disappeared on here and I have been mad about it for a few months now. And also the blog is under construction. Anna needs to help me make it all cool again. 

Jocey: She is seriously the smartest child. So inquisitive, grammatically correct, and can hold a conversation with you for hours if you'd let her. She absolutely LOVES Vivian and is always trying to get huggies and kissies from her. Jocey helps around the house 24/7. Even when she was sick about a month ago, she was throwing up at the toilet and accidentally got some on the floor on her way in and she started crying, asked for a rag so she could clean it up. We had to explain to her several times that it was OK and mommy and daddy would clean it up for her. She is just really sweet and is sooooo ready to start pre-school in the fall.

Vivian: OH my goodness.... This baby is quite the little handful. She is very curious/mischief as I have said many times before. She is absolutely convinced that if she hits, bites or does anything off color that she can make it all better immediately by giving you a kiss. It's a super awesome way to say sorry but, Viv you're old enough to get some time out for these things, all though your offer is pretty tempting. She is extremely mobile and active. She could stay outside all day if she had anything to do with it. She loves Jocey, but is usually the one starting the drama. Vivian is also 18 months and is in nursery now which is awesome! Speaking of 18 months Vivi stopped nursing 2 weeks before she turned 18 months and she is doing great. she still only weighs 18 pounds, but she is a petite little gal. 

Valentines Day with daddy's flowers

They love rocking each other on this chair

Selfies, as always from Jocey. Photo credit: Jocelynn Whittle (while taking a million more with moms phone)

Discovery Park weekends with a little Purple Turtle snack on the way home

Watching cartoons with daddy in the morning

No more nursing's first meal!


Earlier before the basket hunt on Easter. No big deal.

Happy boo boo at Ginny's house on the swing

Sorry most my posts about these two happen on Instagram these days. We hardly get on Facebook anymore!

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