Saturday, June 29, 2013

My little boo boo has learned to do quite the amount of things these last weeks! I am super de super excited for her!

She fully broke through her 2nd tooth.

Learned how to CRAWL!

Pulls herself up to couches and walks around the edge.

She has learned to say "yaya"/ "dada" which both mean she wants Andrew.

She coos, squeals, makes random noises, laughs, fake coughs and much more!

At 8 months Vivian is turning into being mischief , but lets be honest I knew that ever since I was about to have her. We also like to say that Vivi has "little sister syndrome". Meaning, she feels the need to not do anything because Jocey will do it for her. Which is why she has not crawled until now. Little sister syndrome also means that Viv is a tattle tell and can be whiney at times. Luckily her and Jocey absolutely adore each other, and she is such a sweet smiley girl!

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