Wednesday, July 17, 2013

High Chair Redo

I've had this project on my mind for quite sometime. And I finally did it. This high chair is from my mom who bought it 15 years ago, I think it needed a little update.


Satin Rustolium spray paint

Laminated aqua chevron fabric (fabric mill)

Non-slip grip fabric (Joann's)


Stapling gun

Time and patience

Basically I took the whole thing apart spray painted the whole metal frame, sewed slips for the old rubber handles and sewed / stapled the chevron fabric on. Then screw everything back together and voila! A beautiful new high chair!

Old High Chair

New High Chair

And its Boo Approved!


  1. Ah! You are amazing! I wish I had your talents! Soo cute!

  2. Love the chair - so cute. (i love the chevron pattern)! You are so talented :)