Monday, June 24, 2013



Oh my Lanta have I (Starrie) been through the ringer this week!

Last Saturday,the 15th, I had excruciating pain in my left lower abdomen. Andrew took me to the ER and after an ultrasound we found out I had a type of lesion on my left ovary, they were not 100% sure what it was so they highly suggested I go to my doctor the following Monday. I had strict orders to not go to church, no heavy lifting and to know I would need surgery ASAP.

After getting referred to a surgeon, on Tuesday, I met with Dr.Rees and he informed me that it was a softball sized dermoid cyst sitting on my left ovary. It's also called a non cancerous tumor that continues growth (up to the size of a cantaloupe) and has to be taken out by surgery. They also contain hair, nails, skin and teeth because they come from your reproductive organs. Regular cysts are small and the body eventually gets rid of them usually creating no further problems.

Friday was my surgery and it took about 3 hours because the dermoid was tangled with my ovary. They had to take it out C-section style. I was extremely nervous because I've never had surgery before for anything. Everything went well and I am doing great. I was totally out of it all Friday and only remember being extremely nauseous and I kept passing out. Apparently I was jumbling all my words around and tuning into random conversations.

That's about it. Also Andrews cousin Josh was in the hospital the same day to get his appendix taken out so he stopped by for a visit.

Here are some pictures. View at your own discretion.

Giant nasty dermoid cyst/ tumor. Don't worry it was just sitting right under my skin.

After it was cut open, you can see the hair in it.

Awe I am no longer drugged up and out of it.

Cute little Josh in his bottle cap glasses. Surgery buddies!

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