Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Our year review 2012

2012 was a big year for us in lots of ways, lots of good ways! Here is a little bit about each of the family members year.

Completed 2 years of schooling at Broadview University and continues going and learning the things he enjoys. He went from being the store manager at 5 Buck Pizza to being an Admissions Rep at his school and excelling in his job. He went from being an father of 1 to a father of 2 little girls who have him wrapped around their fingers. And he now looks forward to (hopefully) graduating next year with his bachelors degree.

Went from being not pregnant for over 2 years to full on pregnancy. She sewed, crafted, cooked and tackled many projects. She continued to be a stay at home mother. She gave birth smack dab in the middle of October, and went from being  a mother of 1 to a mother of 2 little girls. Starrie looks forward to stabilizing life with 2 children and getting her body back.

She went from saying several words and randomly put them together, to forming full and complete sentances. She went from barely being able to sit through movies and shows, to memorizing all their theme songs and lines. Jocey went from 1 inch of hair to about 4 inches of hair. She had her first dentist visits and chipped tooth. And she became an awesome big sister who shows the little one more love than ever. Jocelynn is looking forward to getting potty trained.

Made it through the journey of becoming a full on baby. She came out healthy and had a smile the minute we saw her. She has learned to coo, babble, stand, bat at objects etc. She has brought all new meaning to our family and she brings joy to those who meet her. Vivian looks forward to sitting up, crawling and walking.

As a family we are looking forward to tax returns, our two week trip to Texas, getting into a bigger, newer car and all the special life experiences that are soon to come! We hope you had a happy New Year and that all the things you want will be attained!

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