Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Cha Cha Cha Changes

It's that time of year again. Yes. The time of year where we make all new goals and hope we reach them. Well this year we will. It's also the time for changes not necessarily things that are goals. Let me put you in the loop of things going on in our life.

  • Andrew is getting his Associates degree by the end of summer time. What? Just his Associates? He has been going to school for over 2 years! Well Andrew was going straight for his Bachelors but now he is going for his Associate degree and then his Bachelors. Don't worry he will still graduate completely by the end of 2014 (possibly the very beginning of 2015) he just wanted to have the actual Associates degree just in case some freak accident happened.
  • Starrie is working out now. If you know me AT ALL you will know that this is surely a miracle. lets keep that goal/ habit up. OK? OK.
  • Jocey is making it a goal to be potty trained. It has been a NIGHTMARE! But its gotta happen sometime soon, right?
  • We are getting a second car! Yay! We are SO stoked about this. So if you see a decently priced Honda Pilot with 8 seats, hit us up. We have our eye on one but are still open to others.
  • Jocelynn will be put in some sort of extra curricular activity this year.
  • Jocelynn is also in primary.
  • We are getting a camera. Finally. Our old one decided to break the day we had Vivian.
  • We got a new nephew at the beginning of the year. Jeffery Ethan Summerhays!  
  •  Andrew had a permanent change of getting his wisdom teeth out. It was for the best.
  • I am also starting Vivian's baby book this week. 
There are lot's of things going on right now. So many things to think about/worry about. Sorry I am being terrible at blogging. I will get the hang of it soon. Oh and THIS song is stuck in my head.

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