Thursday, December 27, 2012

Lets play a little bit of catch up.

First Vivian is now 10 weeks old! Oh how time flies. That means in the next 3 weeks she is getting her ears pierced, I am nervous but also super excited! I will post pictures when we do it. She was also blessed on December 1st by Andrew and it was wonderful. Next Jocey turns 3 TOMORROW! Holy holy holy! Why? I want her to stay little forever! I will also post those pictures later. Also we got family pictures done for this year and I am super happy with them :) I love my cute family! And lastly CHRISTMAS! Jocey understood the whole Santa thing this year and it was soo fun. She got a letter from him, sat on his lap and left out cookies and cider for him as well! Well here comes a ton of pictures!

The whole family

Vivian thought that Jocelynn's nose was food. Jocey laughed and laughed.

Me and my wonderful husband

Vivi's professional blessing photo

Right after we set up the tree

The girls looking up at the lights

Vivian is 2 months old!

Santa letter

Joce and Viv in their new chair

Adorable owl chair from Grandma Bunker

Some of Jocey toys that she got from Santa, grandmas and grandpa's and friends! She loves all her presents!
Jocey love's singing to her sister :) And whenever Viv cries Jocey thinks she needs to burp or eat.

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