Sunday, October 23, 2011

2 year anniversary!

We have been "dating" for 4 years, sealed for 1 year and MARRIED for 2 years! Sheesh time sure does fly! We have had SO MANY LEARNING EXPERIENCES..... Most of them good, some of them bad and a select few we dont talk about. I love Andrew and he loves me. It is good.
Andrew surprised me with a massage for our anniversary. He paid for me and Anna to go and get an hour massage at Solace! It was quite delightful and I have never had a professional massage so it was a good experience. Then Andrew and I went to Chefs Table for dinner. We had Filet Mignon with potatoes, broccoli and a dried tomato thing. It was good!

Sloth and Panda poo

Our MySpace anniversary photo. As seen on FB

This is the card Andrew got me. It says," Sorry to hear about your accident... You know... getting yourself stuck with that Panda." In the card he explains that it sure better not have been an accident marrying him.

This is really a good start to the rest of our lives and for the rest of  eternity. I love Andrew more than anyone could know.


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful anniversary celebration! You two are such an amazing couple - Happy 5th year to come!