Tuesday, November 1, 2011

22 months and Halloween

Jocelynn had her 2nd Halloween this year and it was awesome! She actually got to trick or treat and she got a lot of candy! She was Little Red Riding Hood :) Andrew and I went to Frightmares with my mom and her boyfriend Brent. It was so much fun! I will admit .... I am a wuss when it comes to haunted houses and it did not help that I had never been through one before. I swear those teenagers were just picking on me! Andrew laughed at me pretty much the whole time:(
A couple new things that Jocelynn is doing are:
1. Forming sentences! I love that.
2. She has been EXTREMELY hyper this last month!
3. She acts like she is her cousin Sarah's mentor or something. It is really funny. She is always telling Sarah good job or No No when Jocelynn does not think she should be in something. She also teaches Sarah a lot of words :) I think she is ready to take the big sister role.

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