Monday, October 3, 2011

Crafts Projects Crafts and MORE PROJECTS!

So I have had a super super busy 2 weeks! Over these weeks I have done the following:
1. Made Anna her wedding veil.
2. Made brides maids clips for Anna's wedding ( With Anna of course)
3. Made super freakishly long sock monkeys with Kelsee.
4. Made Jocey more cute animal magnets. Her and her cousin Sarah LOVE them, so I thought that I would make more.
5. Bought Jocey (and Sarah really...) a little table at IKEA with green chairs. Not my first pick on the color but all they had was green, yellow and white. I think that I made a wise choice.
6. Bought a potty seat for Jocelynn so that we can start introducing her to the idea of the toilet. In Jocelynn's case convincing her it is her friend not a monster.
7. And lastly I had to send Andrew and Jocey off to Idaho this last weekend :( I thought I would be fine, but Andrew and I cried :( Dont make fun of us cause we are sensitive! Haha! But seriously I do not think that we will be doing that anytime again soon.
 Andrew and Jocey on their way back from Idaho!
 The veil I made Anna. I hand sewed each crystal all around the edges.
 IKEA table and chairs.
 The hair clips we made! They are soo cute this picture does not do them justice.
 The new magnets I  made ( sun, fish, flower, elephant, lizard, "J" and the palm tree.) Yes Jocelynn ripped the horses legs and tail off :)
Jocelynn's new potty seat! It is super squishy and super nice for Jocey's bum to sit on. And YES that is my super ugly linoleum floor in my downstairs bathroom.... lets not talk about it.
And one of the sock monkeys we made :)

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  1. I love the new layout on your blog and I love your family pictures! Once I get married I plan on starting a new blog and actually start blogging again...which makes me excited :)