Friday, September 16, 2011


 So I just realized that we have had a lot going on and I really have not said much about it. So Andrew currently now has 2 Jobs, one in the morning at VIVINT security systems as a inside sales rep and the other at  5 BUCK PIZZA where he is the night manager, driver and advertisement specialist. I am currently still a stay at home mommy because I love it, although my on and off job at the school asks me to come back every year I just cant get enough of my baby. I still substitute when I can because I honestly just love being with the kids. I am babysitting my niece Sarah to earn a little extra money too, she comes over wednesdays, thursdays and fridays. We are using the extra money from babysitting and pizza place for a shload of reasons but mostly to get a good savings account and prepare for  our future.
 Some other things that I will be working on is a whole bunch of awesome sewing projects! I love love love sewing sooo much and my goal is to make a ton of clothes for myself and Jocelynn now that it is getting colder. One thing that I am about to start is Jocelynn's halloween costume. LITTLE RED RIDING HOOD! I am so excited to make it for her!
 Anyways that is just a finger tip of of our lives and I love reading other peoples blogs to get ideas on projects or activities to do! So thanks for that!


  1. Which 5 buck does he work at?? My dad owns a couple of them!

  2. I am so proud of you Andwoo! You have become an amazing man. Love you!!!

    Ash Bash