Thursday, September 22, 2011

21 months

Just for the record in real life I do NOT go by how many months Jocelynn is, just because I think it is just easier to say a little over a year and a half and things like that. I mostly do it so I can have a reference for my future children.
Jocelynn is such a talker! This last month she has really been challenging herself with punctuation and having more diction in her speech. I cant even think of all words she says, all I know is that Andrew and I tried counting them one day and got close to 100 and that was just what we could remember.
Jocelynn is extremely kind. She really is just so gentle with EVERYONE and I still have yet to see or hear from someone that she has hit anyone or bit anyone. She give everyone kisses and hugs. Always asks people if they are Ok and always tries to help.
Jocelynn is CRAZY!!! This is very true, although she is very kind she is super obnoxious sometimes. She thinks everyone is trying to play a game with her. If you are walking behind her at any given point she thinks that you are " chasing" her and so she runs and screams until she is too tired to do it anymore.

We love Jocelynn more than anything. She has been a wonderful first baby/ toddler. And we hope that she gets out of her SHY stage soon so everyone else can see it too!

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