Monday, August 22, 2011

Our little 20 month old :)

new words:
1. Lets go
2. Friday
3. Monday
4. Fish
5. More ( She says MIN)
6. All done
7. Please and Thank You ( At the correct times and never misses)
8. Shoes
9. Pretty 
10. Juice
11. Drink

new motor skills:
1. Walks up and down stairs, most the time without holding on to a railing.
2. Climbs up on chairs and on to the table.
3. Lots of running
4. Can go down the slide by herself.
5. Wipes her own face.
6. Always uses utensils.

cute things:
1. She always sings to me.
2. She sings ," Its Friday Friday... Partying partying Yeah!" ( throws her hand in the air)
3. Tries to do her makeup like mommy :)
4. Always runs her fingers through my hair and goes," Preeetty."  
Anyways she is getting huge and I am so happy that she is alll MINE! Well Andrews too but thats a given. She is our bestest friend ever and loves us unconditionally even when we make mistakes. You are so pretty Jocey and we love you!

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  1. Jocelynn is so darling! I think it's so cute that she runs her fingers in your hair and says pretty! What a funny little girl. I love her!!!