Saturday, January 2, 2016

Jocelynn's Labor Story

My baby girl just turned 6! I'm really having a hard time with the reality of that and am trying to enjoy each moment with her. In doing so I realized that this blog does not have her labor story. After rummaging through my diaries I found a vague entry of her labor. It's better than nothing though!

Before the hospital:
At 36 weeks along I was dilated to 5cm (on my birthday, Dec. 14, 2009) I went to the hospital but there was no progress. I walked around at a 5 for over 2 weeks. On the night of December 27 for some reason I thought my water was leaking, but was worried if it wasn't I would not be admitted.

The Hospital:
I arrived at the hospital around 10:30 p.m. And was dilated to 6cm so they ended up keeping me. It was weird because I felt no pain or contractions, even though I was having them regularly. After several hours of labor the next morning I got to 8cm, still having no pain. I was scared that I would have pain while pushing so I got an epidural, which also did not hurt. After that, at 9cm they broke my water. They told me to go to sleep while my body finished dilating, when I woke up about an hour later I was fully dilated to 10cm. I pushed for an hour and a half, still had no pain and remember feeling so hungry! Finally, on December 28th at 10:35 a.m. little Jocelynn was born! Weighing 7lbs 12 ounces and 19 inches long. Born at 38w 6d. I still remember thinking about how warm she felt as soon as they layed her on my tummy right after delivery!

My Thoughts:
I've always regretted getting that dang epidural! I didn't need it! And I really had wished I ate a larger meal before going to the hospital.
I needed 1 stitch for a tiny little tear on the inside. I had extreme swelling the first few days and it was hard walking due to heaviness.
My first delivery experience was wonderful, even if I'd wished I did some thing differently. There is nothing that compares to experiencing child birth for the first time! Seeing my Jocey's face for the first time really put into perspective how much love you can instantly have for a tiny little baby and person! I am so grateful she is our first!

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