Saturday, January 2, 2016


Wow what a year we have had! 
Andrew: Is a graduated man and working hard as always. He is also looking forward to finding a new job for 2016!

Starrie: Is staying at home with the kiddos and leading a very busy life! Especially now that Jocey is in school, Vivian is Vivian haha and there is a new baby to get used to.

Jocelynn: Is killing it at being a Kindergartener, Big Sissy and awesome daughter and friend. This year she learned to read, and hit all her milestones! She is exceptionally smart and loves to learn about everything.

Vivian: Is so proud to not only be a Little Sissy but also a Big Sissy! She is hitting all her milestones and is talking so well and much more clearly. She is so polite and always says sorry when she feels bad. She is so dang energetic, silly and spunky, it's hard to keep up with!

Oliver: Is such a sweet boy and is doing great on his sleeping and feeding skills! Being a little 1 month old is a tough gig and he is doing it with flying colors. He laughs, smiles, babbles and holds his head up.

We are looking forward to this new year!

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