Saturday, August 1, 2015

Pregnancy Comparisons

I think it is fun to do some pregnancy comparisons. So here are a few.

Morning Sickness and Gender
Jocelynn: Girl, Sick until just under 30 weeks, throwing up everyday
Vivian: Girl, Sick until after she was born, throwing up almost everyday
Oliver: Boy, Nauseated until 15 weeks, bearable with very little throwing up

Jocelynn: Sweets
Vivian: Sweets
Oliver: Bland, NO SWEETS-blech

Starting Weight
Jocelynn: 130 lbs
Vivian: 143 lbs
Oliver: 153 lbs

Ending Pregnancy Weight
Jocelynn: 150 lbs, total weight gain 20 lbs
Vivian: 162 lbs, total weight gain 19 lbs
Oliver: *updated* 172 lbs, total weight gain 19 lbs

Deliveries/ Complications
Jocelynn: Dilated to a 9 w/o epidural and little pain. I was scared to push, got an epidural (at a 9) and had her vaginally. 13 hour labor.

Vivian: Dilated to a 6 w/o epidural. She pooped in her water, was facing posterior, I was in horrific pain and got the epidural at a 6. Labor then stopped, I was put on pitocen, I pushed her out in a few contractions vaginally, without her head ever getting into the right position. NICU team was present at time of birth. 12 hour labor. Later I found out I had a dermoid cyst the size of soft ball that weighed 5 lbs on my ovary which most likely contributed to such a horrible labor. That was removed 8 months later via c-section.

Oliver: TBA

Weeks at Time of Delivery
Jocelynn: 38 weeks 6 Days, Not induced
Vivian: 38 weeks 5 Days, Not induced. Did not make it to scheduled induction.
Oliver: *updated* 38 weeks 2 days

Every baby is so different. You think you know what your future has in store for you, but you really don't. At least that's how I feel! Here are some pictures of Oliver from 5 weeks ago.

    The Money Shot.

     Face, Leg, Shoulder. His feet are in his face.

    His whole leg.

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