Saturday, August 1, 2015

A long time coming

OH Wow! I haven't posted on here in ages, I view this blog as a personal family diary that my kids can look back on as well as myself.

2015 has been such a year of wonderfullness! Andrew graduated with his Bachelors Degree from Broadview University in Business Management at the end of December of 2014. And has now started his MBA this last May.

 After his graduation in December, we felt very strongly it was time to expand our family. So in March we found out we were pregnant! And later in May found out we are having a little BOY. We are so very excited, but also scared and in shock, because all new things can be quite scary. His name is Oliver and I am currently 24 weeks pregnant and feeling his little movements.

Jocelynn has perfectly completed Pre-School, and is super smart. Jocelynn is just one of those angel kids who always obeys, has a heart of GOLD, looks out for everyone and only asks for love in return. She will be starting kindergarten here in the next few weeks!

Vivian is a normal 2 (almost 3) year old who is very curious and very very aggressive when it comes to learning new things, trying to help out and loving you. She is intense. But very motivated and kind. We never knew screaming would be a gesture of love.

Well that's enough of an update for now! Of course here are some pictures!

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