Saturday, April 20, 2013

North Dakota

So we took a spontaneous trip to ...... *drum roll please*........North Dakota! Don't worry we drove out to Andrew's sister Nicia, so we're not totally crazy. It was much needed for our little fam. We were out of Utah for almost 10 days. On the way there we drove to Mt. Rushmore, it was super awesome and the landscape out there was really cool. The rest of the time we were in Cavalier with Joe, Nicia, Alyssa and Logan. It was nice to have no worries and be with family.We are grateful to Nicia and Joe for being so hospitable to us. It was good. On the way back returning to Utah we went to Bismarck, ND. We had the chance to go to the Bismarck LDS Temple and it was quite the experience for Andrew and me, I really do not think anyone will ever know exactly how we felt. We both felt so safe there, happy and comfortable it was actually quite surprising. All in all everything was good!  Along the way Andrew and Jocey got to play their temple game, where they found at least 7 temples on the way there and back. It was much needed and a good "time away from Utah". I am not sure what more to say so here are some pictures!
P.s. Vivian said her first word on this trip "MaMa", Jocey's first word was "DaDa" so I (Starrie) was pretty stoked!
Mt. Rushmore

Pretty good for most the car ride there

Playing in the heavy Cavalier snow with the cousins

Sad to go

Cute little Jocey Crossing a temple off her list.

Bismarck Temple

Swimming with aunt Meecia ( as Jocey says )

Jocey at the hotel in Bismarck


  1. Oh my gosh! first off, I am cracking up because we ruin a picture of Logan in the hotel towel as well. I will text it to you. I think you will get a good laugh. second, I really really loved having you guys. it was wonderful! Loves!! p.s. can you send me that pic of me and jocey?

  2. took- not ruin. I hate predictive text!

  3. So glad it was a great trip for you and that you were able to visit another temple! Love the pictures of Vivi in her car seat and Jocey in that towel - priceless!

    1. Yes it was much needed. And Andrew seriously loved that temple!