Thursday, March 28, 2013


  1. Wake up at 9 a.m.
  2. Feed Jocey and Vivi.
  3. Bathe Jocey and Vivi.
  4. Shower myself.
  5. Feed Vivi.
  6. Fall asleep while Vivi is eating.
  7. Wake up 5 min later.
  8. Vivi is asleep.
  9. Get dressed.
  10. Feed Jocey.
  11. Feed myself.
  12. Clean.
  13. The second I sit down Vivi awakes.
  14. Go feed Vivi.
  15. Play with Jocey and Vivi.
  16. Andrew's lunch.
  17. Finish actually getting ready/feed Vivi
  18. ABC Mouse with Jocey.
  19. Suddenly its 4 and I have not left the house.
  20. Get in the car to leave and do something for and hour or two.
  21. Come home for Vivi's nap/feed Vivi
  22. Feed Jocey dinner.
  23. Clean more.
  24. Andrew comes home/feed Vivi
  25. Go on some sort of drive or errand.
  26. Me and Andrew eat dinner/feed Vivi
  27. Kids bed time.
  28. Watch a recorded show.
  29. BED/feed Vivi
(Also these past few weeks The Viv has decided to wake up every 2 hours in the night)

Somewhere in between #4 and #9 Jocey is usually doing her own thing/ movies/ playing etc. And this is why we now have a planned night out each week. 2 kids can be a handful. If I have to actually be somewhere or to church that day I have to know about it about 4 hours before so I can get everything done. Love my life. But now I totally know why us parents NEED date nights. Also do you see how often Vivi eats? Yup. Oh and she also will only accept being put down for a nap and maybe sometimes the bouncer. Love these sweet girls as you can see they are my life :)


  1. Adorable. Love how Jocey is holding Vivi's ear! Cracks me up. Jocey and her ears.

  2. I love that you posted what your days are like. Sounds like mine, except I only have 1 kid...don't know how you do it with two! So sorry Vivi's been waking up so often at night! :( Hopefully she'll start sleeping longer again! You do have 2 beautiful girls though-- you and Andrew are so blessed! :) Oh, and you are looking GREAT by the way! Love the picture!

  3. Yes, love this picture. Hang in there - you are doing the most important thing you can be doing right now, and those two little angels are so lucky to have you for their mom!

  4. Treasure these moments! It's so true that the days go by slowly but the years fly by! BTW, I'm impressed you are able to get up at 9 ;>

  5. Thank you everyone!Caitlin: Yeah I think we all just need to write it down at some point, it always makes me feel better! Nicia: Since the day she was born! I love it! Kathy: Thank you! you always are too nice to me :) Nathalie: I thought 9 a.m. was bad.... hahaha!