Thursday, October 4, 2012

An update before the new addition.

I want to write an update on Andrew, Me and Jocey before Vivian makes her arrival on the 17th. ( That is when I will be induced if she decides not to come)

 The new job is GREAT! He has now been there almost a full 2 months and it has been such a great thing to happen to our family. He was definitely prompted by the spirit to apply for his job. The scheduling is great, the staff is great, it's just great. Andrew is also starting a new quarter in school next week which will mark 2 years of schooling completed. He is still very much enjoying his major in Business Management. Andrew is also enjoying the extra time that he is getting with Jocey these last few months and cant wait for their daddy daughter dates once the baby comes.

 I am obviously still staying at home with Jocey and to be quite honest I still love it. It is really fun to see Jocey learn and grow. I am a little nervous for the new baby to come, just because I have been in the same routine for almost 3 years now. Lately I have been nesting like crazy and clean everything all the time, I even went and cleaned my moms house because there was nothing left to clean/organize/vacuum/scrub/bleach/get rid of. I also crave cleaning smells which does not help my nesting needs. I have a few more projects I want to get started on but am trying to save my energy for delivering Vivian.

She has grown so big and so smart in the last few months. Her sentences are great, her imagination growing and her personality is bigger than ever. All she does these last few weeks is laugh at everything and make up silly jokes to tell everyone. She thinks she is the coolest kid on the block! And whose to say she's not? haha Jocey can count to 10 in spanish, along with saying blue, green, red, yellow, backpack, down, fast, hello and up in spanish as well. She sings many songs, counts to 20 in english, sings the abc's, knows most animals, fruits, foods etc etc etc. She has also learned how to ride her bike forwards, backwards and every which way you can think of. She becomes more and more caring the older she gets and always makes sure that the people around her are taken care of and happy.
She talks about baby sister a lot and is really getting used to the idea. I think that she will do well especially because of her being almost 3, she has grown tremendously even from when we found out we were pregnant. 


  1. Holy cow! I am so impressed with all the things Jocey knows! Counting to 20 in English?! That's not even expected till kindergarten! Props to you and Andrew. So proud of you guys and all you have accomplished! The Lord is truly blessing you for the choices you have made!!! Way to be so stinkin' awesome!

    1. Thank you Nicia! We both really appreciate that :)