Thursday, May 31, 2012

my current life

I think I have overwhelmed myself with projects this summer so that I can prepare for the new addition coming up here pretty quick. I feel like this pregnancy is flying by and that there is not enough time to get all the things that I want in order. Some things I have done;

Baby bedding, I have the polka dot skirt done and the bumper ties made!
Deep clean my house ( the nitty gritty deep cleaning that happens MAYBE once a year ) / make sure anything we need is bought and put away.
Paint the entire bathroom so all the paint matches. I did that last night and am feeling it today.
Bought all new bathroom stuff. Curtain, floor mat and towels. This is expensive and I am not doing it again anytime soon.
Wash ALL blankets in the house. Stored or not.
Re-painted a mirror for Jocey and Vivi's room.
Sorted through Jocelynn's room and toys.
Finally after almost 3 years of living here, planted a garden.

 Projects I am working on and will hopefully get done by August:

Vivian's bumper bedding.
Jocelynn and Vivian's matching sheets.
Jocelynn's new pillow cover.
Picking out the new crib and double dresser for the girls room.
Getting Vivian's blessing dress made ( more of a goal by the end of September )
Making Anna's curtains for her exciting new apartment!
Getting my Petunia Pickle Bottom bag, that my grandma paid half for! Thanks grandma :)
Make all new headbands for Vivian/ buy.
Finish me and Andrew's room!!!! ( this should be my first priority but I just love doing baby stuff )
Find a RED or GREEN Bumbo. (we ended up getting an aqua colored one)
Get a small blanket with Vivian's name embroidered on it.
Canvas prints of me and Andrew's sealing pictures.
2 Nice scrapbooks for baby books + 2 plate holders to put them on
Make Vivian a car seat cover, this time with NO velcro and only ribbon ties.
Make binkie clips
Dye Jocelynn's old bed sheets

I am sure there is more but, I think this may be all that my brain can handle right now.  If anyone know's an easy CHEAP way to make headbands or flowers OR know's somewhere where they are cheap enough to buy please please please comment. Same thing with the Bumbo. And the embroidered blanket. Oh and if you know where to get canvas prints! I figure if I can get all this done before baby it will be best. Especially since she will be born literally right before 3 major expensive/ time consuming holiday's.


  1. I don't know how much help this really is but I have seen tons of hair bands ideas on pinterest. My cousin is having a little girl and has pinned a million, I will repin some :)

    1. I will keep an eye out for your pins LillieBeth! Thank you!

  2. Canvas prints come up probably about once a month in Groupon. I got one for $25 and it turned out really nice. Really, just join groupon.

    1. Good to know! That is a great price, all the place's I have looked were ridiculously over priced.

  3. Want to come help you this summer!! You are so way organized with what you've already done, lists, etc!