Thursday, May 17, 2012

Jocelynn 29 months / 2 yrs. and 5 months

It has been a while since I have updated on little Jocey so here are some things going on.


  • Jocelynn is an excellent talker for her age. She is referring to herself as me, I and my now. No more Jocey wants or Jocey needs. The only time she uses her name is when she is referring to something that is hers, as in an item.
  • She also sings a plethora of songs and rhymes and thinks she are worth singing about.
  • She is very vocal when you ask her questions. S:  " Jocelynn it is time to clean up."  J: " Ummm.... OK!"  or " Jocey would you like some more dinner?" J: " No thank you"
  • Jocey is also very good at correcting her language when taught to her and does it almost immediately. Such as diction, pronouncing, identifying etc.


  • One day I was doing my usual routine while cleaning our house and Jocelynn decided that is was time she helped as well. So now every time I clean she is right by my side actually helping.
  • The other day Jocelynn had dumped her toys out by the T.V. and to my surprise when she was done playing she put all her toys away WITHOUT ME ASKING! Awesome.
  • In nursery she apparently is helpful and kind to the other kids. She also repeats other people when they are saying the prayer.


  • Jocelynn hates any intro to movies other than the Universal Studio's opening. She will hide every time with any other opening to a movie.
  • Jocey is now afraid of the vacuum . Weird. Only because she has never been afraid of it until now.
  • Jocey goes CRAZY when she finds out JoJo, Anna/ Rem, Tricia or Ogie are coming over. She also takes this opportunity to boss them around because they tend to give her whatever she wants, we're working on that.
  • Jocelynn is a CLEAN FREAK. My sister-in-law Nicia has witnessed this first hand. She HATES being dirty especially if  you do not help her right away. 
  • Jocelynn has crazy black lady hair! Seriously it is getting ridiculous to tame in the back.
  • Jocelynn makes everybody and her babies food all the time. She is really turning into a mini me and I really like it.
  • Jocey rubs my tummy and lifts up my shirt and gives her baby sister a kiss everyday. She does this on her own and is really trying to learn the baby's name

Well those are the main things. We really love and appreciate this cute little girl.

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