Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wives Tales

So we find out what the baby is next Friday, the 27th, and I decided to try out some wives tales for a good laugh and to see if any of them will turn out.

1- NEEDLE AND THREAD. So you thread a needle with thread, stroke the thread 10x with your pointer finger and thumb. After that you have your palm facing down with the needle hanging 1 inch away from it, then you turn your palm so it is facing up. If it swings back and forth it is a BOY if it swings in circles it is a GIRL! Mine said BOY....3x.

2- VEINS UNDER YOUR EYES. So you go in the mirror and look at the veins under the colored part of your eyes if they are shaped like a V you're having a GIRL if it is shaped like nothing it is a BOY.
Mine said GIRL under both eyes.

3- ACNE. They say if you have increased acne it's a GIRL. If you're just normal its a BOY.
Mine would be BOY. I have had wonderful skin so far.

4-HAIRYNESS. If you are noticing that any hair on your body is growing in faster then it is a BOY. If not it's a GIRL!
My leg hair is growing like crazy I swear I have to shave twice as often maybe it's a BOY.

5- KEY TEST. If you pick up a key by the bulky end/ round end you're having a BOY if you pick it up by the skinny end then it is a GIRL.
Mine was BOY.

6- CHINESE GENDER CHART. You will have to look it up. But according to my conception date I could have conceived January 30- February 1st. So I cannot be totally accurate with the chart.

7- CRAVINGS. If you crave salty food it is a BOY if you was sweets it's a GIRL.
I crave SALT all I eat right now is chalupa's from Taco Bell.

8- BAKING SODA. Take a teaspoon of baking soda and pour a cup of pee on it. If it fizzes it's a BOY if it does nothing it's a GIRL. ( This can also be done with bleach)
Bleach: Mine fizzed and so did Andrew's Hahaha
Baking Soda: No Fizz.

9-HEARTBEAT. If the baby's heartbeat is under 139 it is a BOY if it is over 140 it is a GIRL.
We have not been to the doctor yet but I will let you know!

Well according to the wives tales it is an absolute BOY BOY BOY. I am excited to find out for REAL and we will be ecstatic for either a boy or girl.

Ps. Jocelynn can count to 10 and know's her ABC'S. Just so I can remember.

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