Wednesday, December 14, 2011

21st Birthday Extravaganza!

THIS WAS THE BEST BIRTHDAY I HAVE EVER HAD! My Mom bought me the coat I have wanted ever since I laid eyes on it, my grandma, mom and Andrew went in on the She Curler 3 piece curling iron ( Which by the way is pretty much impossible to get! They only ship out 4 at a time!) And Andrew bought me black sparkle TOMS! I have wanted all these things for quite sometime but was not able to afford them. Andrew has been saving money for a few months now.... I am indebted to him and my grandma AND my mom! I also got a gift card for a pedicure at Royal Nail's down in Pleasant Grove from Serena ( Andrew's mom ) And I got some money from Grandma and Grandpa Robins. I feel SO spoiled and am so happy right now. We went to dinner on Monday with my family, and went bowling, to Costa Vida with my friends yesterday then went to my cousin Brooklyn's 7th birthday party (we have the same birthday.) And to top it all off my FB friends were very generous to me! Thank you everyone!

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