Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tree Skirt

This year via the request of Andrew, I am making stockings and our first tree skirt * we have been married 4 years and this is our first tree skirt, don't judge!*

Here is the site I used for the cut out of the main skirt.

I used a pre-made piping and added super wide red ribbon for the back ties.


1.3 yards red chevron fabric

36 inches (at least, this amount only makes a knot)wide red ribbon

5.5 feet pre-packaged Scarlet piping


Fray check (for cut ends of ribbon)

Plastic cup for center tree opening measurement

Chalk pencil for half circle

What I did:

1. Made all the cuts as site instructs above
2. Surged all edges of fabric (optional)
3. Pinned and sewed piping along all edges
4. Spaced and sewed on ribbon and fray checked the cut ends

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