Saturday, February 18, 2012

Catching up

Well let's start off with the super de duper exciting news! I am PREGNANT! YaY! Just in time too! Last year on Easter I got off my birth control and have had no luck until this last month. I had some health issues pretty much all last year and after a few test's and a lot of waiting we discovered my Progesterone levels were low and my Estrogen levels were high ... So I pretty much needed to get on some Progesterone cream ( which my grandma happened to have a prescription strength. HUGE money saver) and once that was leveled out it would also level my Estrogen levels, which in turn helps level all of my hormones. I was on it (estimated) a week and got prego! And it is nice to have around because it also helps minimize risk of bleeding during pregnancy as well. That is the EXTREMELY short version. We are barely barely pregnant but decided to tell people because a lot of people new our struggle with it. So thank you for all the thoughts and prayer's if you were informed!
Next...Valentines Day. Andrew got me some flower's and an very sweet card which I lov , took me to Jasmine Thai Lao Cusine and we also did sealing's at the Mount Timpanogos Temple. Jocelynn got a little cow and card from Andrew, which she loves. It was a good much needed day.

Next... BRACE'S I get them off March 6th and I am SO excited. A little scared but mostly excited.

And lastly, we finally filed our tax returns for the year. We are super stoked to get them back and pay my braces off, plus have some extra savings money.

Anyways that is our life right now :)


  1. Starrie, how did you find out that all of your hormone levels and such were off? Email me or text me or 8014275486 Thanks!

  2. Congrats! That is so awesome. I know that you are probably a bit hesitant, but that is why we are so lucky to know about faith. what an exciting this for Jocelyn. Hope all continues to go well.